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Deem Sum...Translation: 'to touch the heart'

Posted By Michael P. Kelly, Tuesday, March 5, 2013
Updated: Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deem Sum...translation: 'to touch the heart.'

Photo Credit:  Rona Esquejo-Leon, CRA

Yank Sing is famous for their inventive and delectable Deem Sum. It's the best! You'll
probably need reservations, especially if you 
are planning to eat at the noon hour or dinner time. A great place to go with a group, either SF location is superb (Stephenson Street or Spear Street). It has fast-paced delivery of appetizer-sized individual dishes of over 100 types to choose from. Stick with the traditional ones or branch out to try something new. Carts roll by and you get a waft and visual before you choose your next little plate. Plenty of food, plenty of fun, and you're never rushed at this comfortable eatery. Try to make it a point to get there while in town...not many places in the USA, even cities, have traditional Deem Sum restaurants. Check out the Yank Sing website to see the nicely photographed gallery of choices.  

Selections from their typical menu...prepare to salivate:

Shanghai Dumpling - A Yank Sing signature dish of minced Kurobuta Pork, scallion and ginger wrapped and steamed in its own aromatic broth.

Snow Pea Shoot Dumplings (Dau Miu Gow) - Translucent bonnets stuffed with a filling of chopped snow pea tendrils, straw mushrooms and a hint of ginger, garlic and sesame oil.

Mandarin Dumplings w/Chives - A fresh herb filling of hand-chopped, chives, cilantro, and shrimp stuffed in translucent 'three-cornered-hat' dumplings.

Chicken Fun Gwor - Steamed translucent crescent dumplings filled with a tasty wok-cooked hand-chopped chicken, shiitake mushroom, winter bamboo shoots, and cilantro-flavored stuffing.

Stuffed Lotus Leaf - Steamed lotus leaf parcel filled with glutinous (sticky) rice, lumps of lop cheung (Chinese sausage ), shiitake mushrooms, chicken cubes, and sun-dried shrimp.

Savory Vegetable Dumpling - Frizzled-topped pouch stuffed with a savory mild-curried vegetarian filling of rare Sichuan bamboo mushroom, cabbage, bamboo shoots, carrots, sun-dried bean curd sticks and gingko nuts.

Shrimp Dumpling (Ha Gau) - Hand-chopped shrimp embedded with crunchy bits of sweet winter bamboo shoot tips and fashioned into a bonnet.

Pork Siu Mye - Hand-chopped shrimp with pork, shiitake mushrooms filling hand-wrapped in fresh pasta skin and hand-formed into a fluted 'basket.'

Goldfish Dumpling - Crunchy shrimp, winter bamboo shoot tips, and cilantro stuffed in a hand- wrapped translucent goldfish-shaped dumpling.

Spring Roll Crisp - Cantonese spring rolls filled with a wok-cooked mixture of hand-cut julienned chicken, minced black mushrooms, cabbage, winter bamboo shoot tips and scallions.

Phoenix Shrimp - classic whole plump shrimp, with a shrimp mousse croquette encasing, lightly battered and deep-fried until golden brown; served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Scallion Prawn - a crispy plump prawn skewered on a scallion stalk with sweet potato and tied with a strip of lean bacon.

Peking Duck - A Yank Sing Signature dish, house-roasted Peking Duck served as a deem sum appetizer, Crispy paper thin honey-coated skin and tender slices of succulent meat stuffed in a steamed seashell bun, accompanied with finely slivered scallions and smears of tangy hoisin sauce.


Michael P. Kelly, FOPS

Vice Chair, Board of Education 

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Comments on this post...

Michael P. Kelly, FOPS says...
Posted Sunday, March 10, 2013
Nice photograph added by Rona!
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Rona Lyn C. Esquejo-Leon CRA says...
Posted Monday, March 11, 2013
Thanks Mike! So glad I had this in my film archives :-)
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Barbara S. McCalley says...
Posted Saturday, March 16, 2013
Definitely wish I could be at this educational program and take advantage of all the great suggestions you have made for food and fun attractions.
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