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OPS / AAO Exhibit

OPS Annual Scientific Exhibit


Entry Rules 2011 OPS Photographic Competition



There is no entry fee, however, only current, dues-paid OPS members may submit images. Images that have earned recognition in previous OPS exhibits are not eligible for entry.


Photographs revealing patient identity must be accompanied by a typewritten, signed, and witnessed photographic release.


All members are encouraged to enter both Print and Stereo divisions. However, the same image, or images that appear similar, may not be entered in both divisions.


No more than three (3) entries per person, per category will be accepted. A single entry may consist of more than one image (e.g. four images from the same angiogram, progression studies, etc). Any extra images will be arbitrarily eliminated.


Images which have obvious defects (poor focus, color imbalance, improper exposure, or significant artifacts) will not be accepted for judging. Stereo images which cannot be aligned to provide stereopsis will be rejected. If cropping reduces artifacts, it is recommended that it be used. Recent work is encouraged.


8" x 10" (20 cm x 25.5 cm) or 11" x 14" (28 cm x 35.5 cm) is encouraged. Prints in other sizes will be accepted if they can be mounted on an 11" x 14" (28 cm x 35.5 cm) or 16" x 18" (40.5 cm x 46 cm) display board and still maintain a quality aesthetic appearance.

Multiple print entries are acceptable in the following size combinations only:

two 8" x 10"  (20.0 cm x 25.5 cm)

two–four 5" x 7"  (12.5 cm x 17.5 cm)

two–six 4” x 5”  (10.0 cm x 12.5 cm)

Photomontages (multiple prints affixed to each other) will not be accepted. A montage must be re-photographed/digitized, printed and submitted as a single print.


Mounted prints will not be accepted. Prints accepted for display will be mounted at OPS expense. Mounting will be borderless and on foamcore. All prints will be trimmed slightly.
Stereo images will be digitally displayed. Stereo slides are no longer accepted.


Do not attach labels to the print or use correction fluid. Any print with adhesive labels on the back will be rejected. Do not label the front side of prints. Prints should be labeled on the back, top-center with a felt-tipped marker. Please label the back, top-center of each print with the following information:

Full Name:  Abner Smith, CRA
Affiliated Practice or Institution:  Mission Hospital
City, State:  Carmel, California
Print Title or Diagnosis:  Retinal Hole
Division Category:  Fundus 20°
Multi-print Order Identification:  1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4, etc…

Clinical photographs must be titled with diagnosis. The terms ‘normal,' ‘probable,' or ‘unknown' are acceptable. Entries will not be judged on the basis of an accurate diagnosis. Monochromatic photographs should be labeled with the wavelength employed. Multi-print entries should indicate intended order. Gross specimen photos should include final magnification with identification, or contain a metric scale. Photomicrographs must contain information on lighting or type of micrography (polarized, phase contrast, scanning electron, etc.) and the final print magnification.


Minimum acceptable size of each digital image is 640x640 pixels. Files must be submitted in a .tif (TIFF), .png (PNG) or highest quality .jpg (JPEG) format possible. Images must be labeled with the photographer's last name, category code with submission number and Left(L) or Right (R) indicator before the file extension (.jpg). EXAMPLE:

First entry in a category:  steffensFA1L.jpg and stereo partner file is steffensFA1R. jpg 
Second entry in the same category:  steffensFA2L.jpg and steffensFA2R.jpg
Third entry in the same category:  steffensFA3L.jpg and steffensFA3R.jpg

Category codes can be found on the entry form (e.g. Fluorescein Angiography = FA). Stereo images must be submitted on a CD with the photographer's first and last name and contact information clearly printed on the CD.

Include a text document listing your name, the diagnosis or title and the relevant file number(s). (e.g. Tim Steffens, Diabetic Retinopathy, steffensFA1L.jpg and steffensFA1R.jpg).


Please see the categorization guidelines document for detailed descriptions of each category, HERE.


A panel of judges will review entries in both divisions. The group will be composed of OPS members and ophthalmologists. Judges and exhibit committee members may not submit entries into their respective division. The judges reserve the right to reassign images to different categories.


Two complimentary tickets to The OPS Awards Reception and a plaque will be awarded for the "Csaba L. Martonyi Award" overall best of show winner and the "Best of Division Award" winner in each division. Certificates will be awarded in each division for first, second, third place, and honorable mention. These photographs will comprise the Society's Scientific Exhibit at the AAO and may be displayed or published by the Society.


Print Division entries accepted for display will be returned after the annual meeting of the following year. Undisplayed photographs will be shredded or returned at the expense of the submitting person. Please indicate, on the entry form, which you would prefer. If entries are to be returned, include either a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE), with the appropriate postage or a Fed Ex account number with the submission. While our best effort will be made to return prints to those who wish, it is not guaranteed that they will be returned. If nothing is indicated on the form, undisplayed entries will be shredded. Every attempt will be made to protect the entries. The OPS, the members of the Exhibit Committee, and the institution providing space for judging accept no responsibility for loss or damage to entries. Digital entries will not be returned.


Your signature on the entry form indicates that you have read, understand, and have complied with the rules of the exhibit. Unsigned entries will be rejected.


All entries must be received by Friday August 5, 2011. No Exceptions.


Division submissions /questions should be directed to the appropriate Division coordinators at:

Marcela Hickey, CRA
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Retina Center of Naples
311 9th Street N, Suite 100
Naples, FL 34102
(239) 659-3985 (EDT)

Jim Strong, CRA, OCT-C
Penn State Hershey Eye Center
500 University Drive
UPC1, Suite 800, HU19
Hershey, PA 17033-0850
(717) 531-0003 x283348 (EDT)


The OPS Scientific Exhibit Committee is looking for volunteers to help host the scientific exhibit at the annual AAO meeting. Volunteers on the exhibit floor are there to represent the OPS and will answer visitor's questions about ophthalmic imaging, the various modalities and techiques demonstrated in the images, and to generally keep watch over the displays.

No submissions are required to volunteer. If you are interested in hosting the exhibit for either a two or four hour shift, please contact:

Allison Schmidt, CRA at: (218) 451-9574 or

Individuals who are submitting images to the Competition may also check the appropriate box on the entry form. As a volunteer, you will be issued a badge which admits you to the AAO Exhibit Hall for the day(s) you will host the exhibit. Badge availability is limited so please volunteer early.

Download an electronic copy of the 2011 Image Call, Entry Form, and Submission Guidelines HERE.

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