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Education Survey- United States
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In the fall of 2011, the Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society conducted a survey on how Ophthalmic Photographers / Imagers in the United States initially got into the field.  Thank you to the 250 Photographers / Imagers who took the time to respond to this survey.      - The Board of Education


What are your credentials?  Check all that apply.        

A:  CRA  

B:  OCT-C  

C:  FOPS  

D:  RBP  

E:  COA  

F:  COT  

G:  COMT  


I:  RN

J:  None on this page 

What are your credentials, cont?  Check all that apply.  

A:  OD  

B:  MD  

C:  PhD  

D:  BS  

E:  BFA  


G:  OPS Member  

H:  RMOP Member

I:  Other

J:  None on this page


 How much experience do you have with ophthalmic imaging?   


A:  0-2 years

B:  3-4 years

C:  5-9 years

D:  10-14 years

E:  15-19 years

F:  20-24 years

G:  25-30 years

H:  30+ years


 Which of the following roles describes your current position?  Check all that apply.   

A:  Ophthalmic Technician

B:  Ophthalmic Photographer /  Imager

C:  Study Coordinator

D: Supervisor/ Manager

E:  Vendor

F:  Other


Before working as an Ophthalmic Photographer / Imager what were you doing?   

A:  Photography Student at RIT

B:  Photography Student (non-RIT)

C:  Student (non- photography)

D:  Medical Photographer

E:  Pro Photographer (non-medical)

F:  Front Desk Staff at Oph Clinic

G:  Ophthalmic Technician

H:  Other


 What was your FIRST educational experience with Ophthalmic Photography / Imaging?  

A:  OPS Educational Program

B:  JCAHPO Educational Program

C:  JMC Educational Program

D:  RIT Student

E:  Internship

F:  On the job training

G:  Other


Have you ever completed an internship in Ophthalmic Photography / Imaging?  



 A:  No.

 B:  Yes.








 Did you have a mentor who helped you get started as an Ophthalmic Photographer / Imager?    



A:  No. 

B:  Yes.


List of 156 mentors mentioned 





Are you still in contact with this mentor? 


A:  Yes.

B:  No.

C:  I did not have a mentor.





Please share the story of how you got started as an Ophthalmic Photographer / Imager.  


Your stories.


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