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December Webinars

Four new webinars will be presented in December.  Just click on the calendar date to get registered.
Tuesday, December 4th - Darrin Landry, CRA, OCT-C will present "Adding OCT  Angiography to Your Diagnostic Imaging Arsenal"

Thursday, December 6th - Dr. Stephen Odaibo will present 'Artificial Intelligence in Retinal Diagnostics: A Picture is  Worth a Thousand Words (this is the webinar that was supposed to be presented in September)

Wednesday, December 12th - Erica DelValle, COT, OCT-C will present "Pinpointing Pesky Pupillary Problems"

Thursday, December 13th - John Akkara, MD, MS will present 'Smartphone Imaging in Ophthalmology"

To learn more about these webinars, click here.

2018 Annual Program: Chicago!

If you weren't in Chicago in October for the Annual Education Program, then you missed a great program.  Watch this space for a wrap-up of the program.


OPS 2019 Calendar - on sale now!

2019 OPSCalendars are available for purchase in the OPS Store NOW! 

Photos featured in the 2019 Calendar were winning photos in the 2017 Scientific Exhibit.

Webinars On Demand

We are very excited to announce Webinars on Demand!

With Webinars on Demand, you get to choose when to watch, where to watch, how to watch, and what to watch, all at YOUR convenience! Feel like watching a video on ultrasound at 2 am? GO FOR IT!  Insomnia striking and all you can think about is OCT-A? We’ve got it!  Are you preparing for the CRA exam and you need to brush up on your phases of the angiogram? We’ve got you covered!

Going forward we will be adding to the collection and taking from it, so keep a keen eye out for new videos!

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Call for Speakers!

Do you have a lecture that you've already presented?

Is there an area of expertise that you can share your knowledge about with others?

The OPS is always looking for new and returning speakers to present for Webinars, Mid Year, Annual Programs, and more!

Not sure what topic to speak on? We would love to be able to help you figure it out.

Click HERE to get started!

The OPS is Recruiting!

Interested in volunteering with the OPS? Want to help us grow our online presence?

Email for details!

Important Information about the New Online CEC Process

Learn about the new electronic CEC process

Renewing your membership in the OPS

If you have received a notification that your membership will expire soon, please click on this link and it will take you to information about renewal and step-by-step instructions on how to obtain an invoice for payment by check or payment by credit card online. It's easy to do – here's the link

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Webinar: Pinpointing Pesky Pupillary Problems

Webinar: Smartphone Imaging in Ophthalmology




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