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OPS Lending Library

Posted By Rachel Hollar, CRA, Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Updated: Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Did you know there was an OPS lending library??!!

I didn't, until I was asked to write this article about it . . . . Sooooo, we shall discover it together, how does that sound?

To learn of the what/where/how I went to the source, Barbara McCalley. She filled me in on all the details about the library - and now I forward them on to all of you.

First, some background... The library was founded back in 1997 when Patrick Saine and Marshall Tyler donated the first textbook. The initial plan was developed by Patrick Saine when he was on the Board of Directors, but was eventually turned over to Lon Dowell (BOE member), who worked to get more materials donated. For the last eight years however, Barbara McCalley has been working with the library, with very little help.
PS: If anyone is interested in lending her a hand with the library she would be ever so grateful!
PPS: Thanks Barbara for the history lesson!

I received a list of the books/articles/journals/video available at the library.

The material is rather dated - the earliest from 1975, newest 2009.

There is something to be said about knowing where you came from (so you know where you are going). These sources allow for a better appreciation of the how/why of ophthalmology and ophthalmic imaging today. How can we wonder at the advances in image capture, drug treatments/deliveries, electronic storage options, new equipment/technologies, etc, if there is no sense of how things once were?


History is important for sure - but if you are studying for an exam or trying to learn/brush up on some new skills/techniques - you need the newest and best info out there. Many of us did not have the good fortune of going through the ophthalmic photo program at Rochester Institute of Tehnology, but that doesn't mean floundering alone. Also, the world continues spinning after graduation and RIT alums need to keep up on the info as well.

But how and where to find it?!

I see questions posted all the time on the Optimal message board, about standard techniques for various imaging situations. Questions about new technology, equipment, procedures and techniques. People asking for help with photo shop, computer questions, data management questions.

Lots of questions!

Lots of answers given!! Lots of links/books/articles referenced as well.

Here is an idea . . . face lift for the OPS lending library!

The library has a great foundation - solid resources - cornerstones to life as we know it today in ophthalmology.

But it has been left behind, forgotten, starved for affection - and thus, is woefully behind the times.

The answer . . .  DONATIONS!

Donate those helpful books/articles/whatever that were vital when studying for your exams (CRA/OCT...). Mail them to the library. Have an amazing on-line resource – send in the link!

You all get the idea . . . We are in sore need of new, up to date material.

Oh!  How does one access the material in the library?  Why, let me tell you - sorry, I had almost forgotten, thanks for the reminder!

At the moment, the procedure is as follows:

          - contact Barbara McCalley (, let her know what you would like to check out.
          - Hand over credit card info in-case your dog eats the book
          - She will ship the material to you, (shipping to you is on the OPS tab)
          - The material is all yours for 60 days (return date reminder included with the material).
          - Return shipping cost is on you.

That's it - simple!

** You can also contact Barbara if you have material to donate or if you are willing to volunteer some time/energy into the library itself. **

Click here to download a PDF of the current inventory list, hopefully, with all of your help, it will grow into the amazing resource it has the potential to be.

About the author: Rachel Hollar is a CRA and has been a member of the OPS Professional Development committee since 2011. She transfered into the biomedical photo program from photo advertising at RIT. Rachel started working at the University of Rochester Eye Institute following graduation in 2007.

To submit an idea for a blog entry, please contact:

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Comments on this post...

Tamera L. Schoenholz CRA OCT-C says...
Posted Monday, March 5, 2012
Great Blog, I didn’t even know there was such a thing. This is the perfect thing for anyone who need to study, or just needs a little refresher. Thanks so much for letting us know about this.

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Cornelia Beyer CRA OCT-C says...
Posted Monday, March 5, 2012
I had no idea this library exists. This information is wonderful news. I am also one of the Advisors for the CRA and OCT Certification Tests. Now instead of passing the" recomended books to buy" info along I will redirect to the OPS library.
Thanks so much for this helpful information
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Marriner L. Altmann CRA OCT-C CPT says...
Posted Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Great to know that the library exists! Is there a list online of the contents or do we need to get that from Babara as well?
Great article!
Thank you!
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Timothy J. Bennett CRA OCT-C says...
Posted Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Good idea Storrey! Maybe we can put the list under the "Exam Preparation Help" tab in the Certification section of the site.
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Kirsten G. Locke CRA. OCT-C. RN. FOPS says...
Posted Tuesday, March 6, 2012
I amazes me how we continue to come up with ideas for our new website can help us both in our personal as well as professional lives. Paul Montague did a fantastic one-man job with our old website, but now we have a "living" tool that is expanding exponentially.
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Alexis Cullen CDOS CRA OCT-C says...
Posted Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Hi Tim & Storrey -
There is a PDF within the entry - see where it says:
"Click here to download a PDF of the current inventory list, hopefully, with all of your help, it will grow into the amazing resource it has the potential to be." (This is the hyperlink:
Tim - I'll email you about the exam help idea
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Laura B. Trebesh CRA says...
Posted Tuesday, March 6, 2012
This is very helpful! I wish I had known more about this before studying for the CRA exam. Glad to know it's there whenever I need it, though! :)
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Sonya M. Brooker, CRA says...
Posted Tuesday, March 6, 2012
What a great idea....a lending library. I will definitely look through my collection to possibly donate to this wonderful library! It's certainly better than collecting dust in the attic.
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Timothy J. Bennett CRA OCT-C says...
Posted Tuesday, March 6, 2012
The list of library holdings is now available under the tab: Resources on the left rail menu of the website. This gives it a more permanent home in addition to the link in the blog post. Thanks Storrey & Alexis - your suggestions were helpful. A cool thing about this website is that we now have several people who can quickly make changes & add content to the site.
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