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Welcome to the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society Blog! The posts on this blog are authored by a myriad of individuals in Ophthalmology. Posts are not always authored by those directly affiliated with the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society and opinions may not be those of the OPS; however, all posts are submitted to a review process and have been approved by the OPS before being posted. Comments are open to the public. New posts are added every Friday, so make sure to check back often!


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Me, Myself, and Eye

Posted By Timothy Bennett, Friday, July 24, 2015
Updated: Friday, July 24, 2015


As a life-long photographer, I’ve taken my share of selfies over the years. I’ve even attempted a few with the equipment I use for diagnostic ophthalmic photography. Part 1 of this blog explored the fun side of taking selfies with ophthalmic instruments.This post explores the more serious side of eye selfies. 

Surprisingly, the ability to take eye "selfies” has helped me identify and track pathology in my own eyes. Two years ago I suffered an idiopathic retinal tear with avulsed bridging vessel and persistent vitreous hemorrhage. This was successfully treated with vitrectomy. Like many patients, I developed a cataract after the vitrectomy. I also began to notice some distortion that corresponded to progression of an epiretinal membrane (ERM) in the same eye.

Any time I noticed a change in vision I would repeat an OCT on myself. Over the course of six months I tracked an increase in thickness of about 100 microns. The cataract also progressed and I was scheduled for cataract surgery. Two weeks prior to surgery I noticed a very subtle change in vision and sat down at the OCT like I’d done several times in the past. The OCT detected some cystoid macular edema (CME) from the ERM. Picking up the CME prior to cataract surgery was very beneficial. Preexisting CME can be exacerbated by cataract surgery, so my surgeon began a course of treatment that reduced the edema. My OCT selfies likely helped us avoid more severe or persistent edema by catching it in advance.

Cataract surgery went as planned, but within a few hours of my procedure I began to notice a new visual abnormality: a paracentral gray scotoma. Upon arriving at the clinic the next day for my post-operative check, I immediately did an SLO/OCT selfie and identified an unusual finding that corresponded directly to the scotoma.

SD-OCT demonstrated an area of hyper-reflectivity in the middle retinal layers just temporal to the fovea (green arrows) and the IR reflectance image showed a distinct dark gray lesion. Fortunately, the scotoma began to fade within a few days and so did the lesion. The jury is still out on the exact cause of the lesion but the selfies have enabled us to track improvement of my condition and possibly publish a case report. We believe it may be a case of paracentral acute middle maculopathy (PAMM), a recently described variant of acute macular neuroretinopathy (AMN). It's rare enough, that I was able to present it at the OPS Rare Case Symposium in Ann Arbor.

As you can see, image quality can be quite good with a little practice. So good in fact that I’ve received a bill from my institution for OCT images that I’ve performed on myself! Here is a double selfie video of a Spectralis IR fundus image showing how easy it is to capture my own epiretinal membrane.


There is a belief that taking selfies can be a sign of narcissism rather than simple self-expression. There is also some concern it can be addicting and unhealthy. Maybe this is true and I should stop taking selfies of my own eyes. After all I keep finding abnormalities! But there is a growing trend in telemedicine where patients can take and forward selfies to their doctors to help diagnose or triage the urgency of their condition. 

Ophthalmic Photographers taking diagnostic selfies: obsessive, silly, or beneficial?

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Evening Entertainment Establishments

Posted By Donald Kuitula, Friday, June 12, 2015
Updated: Monday, June 15, 2015

Like any good college town, Ann Arbor has a large variety of drinking establishments featuring great drink specials along with lively atmospheres. Those seeking a game of pool, a place to dance or even drink beer from "Das Boot” will find it here. The following is a small list of bars showing the diversity of hangouts in the area:

The Brown Jug is a U of M landmark which opened its doors back in 1936. The bar is named after the jug that is passed to the winner of the Michigan/Minnesota football game each year. Dating back to 1903, the brown jug is the oldest rivalry trophy in college football. The Brown Jug has been recognized as one of the best campus bars in the U.S. and offers an expansive food menu and equally impressive drink menu with lots of daily specials. This is a place where their motto holds true: "good food, good drinks and good friends”. If you like outdoor dining and house made sangria, look no further than Dominick's in the south university area. They are known for their seafood, Italian fare and pizza. In addition to their top selling sangria, a pink slushy drink called Constant Buzz is also a favorite of Dominick's regulars. It's best to arrive before seven as the place fills up quickly each night. 

Ashley's near the heart of campus on South State Street has been rated as one of the top 100 beer bars in the country. They offer over 50 taps with a mix of local favorites as well as beers from around the world. The dining menu at Ashley's has pub bites as well as burgers, wraps, sandwiches and a large selection of specialty fries. When you are in the mood to lay it all out on the dance floor, Necto has been recently voted as the best nightclub in Michigan. "Transport” Thursday offers Ann Arbor's biggest college party as DJ Knowledge brings high energy with Top 40, House, Throwback and Pop. "Frequency” Saturday Night is reserved for Top 40, Dance and House music with DJ Hardy and host MC Yoda. Their extended weekend happy hour goes from 9-11 Thursday through Sunday to help you bust out your best moves.


If your goal is to shoot pool, throw darts and have some PBR and popcorn, check out the 8 Ball Saloon. This seedy dive bar is located in the basement of the famous Blind Pig music venue which has hosted everyone from Jimmy Hendrix to the MC5 to Nirvana. It features a great jukebox, cash only bar with cheap drinks and an utter lack of pretension. When there is a big game on that you simply cannot miss, Scorekeepers is the place to be with many large projection screens to appease the most diehard sports fan. Known as a college bar that caters to the younger crowd, this bar also turns into a dance club after 11 pm. This is a great place for big groups and anyone looking to catch their favorite team in action.

The Rathskeller is located beneath the Heidelberg restaurant. The alpine dining room upstairs serves a variety of traditional German food from marinated Herring and Spaetzle to Schnitzel, Sauerbraten and Knockwurst. Head downstairs to the Rathskeller to enjoy over 14 taps specializing in the many different styles of German beer. If you've ever wanted to drink out of a bierstiefel (glass boot), this is the place! The boots are offered in 1 or 2 liter sizes and you can even purchase one to take home with you. Bill's Beer Garden is a place like no other. It takes over the parking lot of Downtown Home and Garden when the century old retailer closes its doors at 6:30. There is ample outdoor seating along with a large selection of beer and wine. Food can be brought in from the adjacent Mark's Carts food cart courtyard. The courtyard has eight food carts ready to serve Mexican, Indian and Chinese among other types of food. It's a true collaboration of three different businesses coming together to offer a unique outdoor experience.


When the night time is the right time, there is a bar for any mood or occasion. These are just a few of the many places around town to help you unwind after the conference. I encourage you to head out and explore the nightlife in Ann Arbor!

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Who What Where and Why of the Board of Certification

Posted By Denice Barsness, CRA, COMT, ROUB, CDOS, Thursday, June 11, 2015
Updated: Friday, June 19, 2015


In this age of social media, webinars and computers on your wrist, there is still a profound value in face-to-face collaboration. To this end, the BOC met in Ann Arbor on April 24 and 25 to work together on a series of projects demanding board attention. For those of you who are unsure about the role of the Board of Certification, this board was founded in 1978 with the mission of creating a nationally recognized certification (the CRA) and for the continuous maintenance of all certification programs. Out of collaborative efforts such as these was born the now defunct COPRA, and the majestically current and relevant OCT-C exams. These exams don’t happen in a vacuum. There is no agency to vendor out the continuous evolution that our programs demand. It takes the dedication and hard work of the members of the BOC in partnership with the Board of Directors and the collaborative efforts of many to keep our CRA and OCT-C current, viable, and desirable.

At this meeting the CRA Guide was examined and modified, work was done on the application database, policies and procedures were edited for application of electronic methods to the testing procedure(s). Section chairs met in small groups to brainstorm the streamlining of many facets of the exam process. Discussions were conducted on how to improve the application procedures to include electronic scoring of performance exams to expedite the outcomes. The Election committee met to discuss upcoming elections and means to attract qualified, dedicated and ambitious OPS members to the board. Methods to post CEC approved meetings on the website in a more efficient manner were discussed.

Plans for upcoming CRA examination in Ann Arbor June 26 and possible venues for 2016 were reviewed. The production of the CRA and OCT-C examinations are the prime directive of the BOC. Their "care and feeding” occupies the majority of BOC business throughout the year.

Serving on a board is a lifelong bonding experience. The contributions of all boards to the society are immeasurable, as are the relationships and friendships that spring from giving back to a professional organization. As a member of an OPS board, in some fashion, for the past 33 years I can certainly attest to that! I urge everyone out there in OPS land to consider how you can impact your professional world - and make some mighty fine friends in the process!

Denice Barsness, CRA, COMT, ROUB, CDOS
Past president, OPS
Current BOC member

Tags:  Ann Arbor  blog  BOC  education  Educational Meeting  Meaningful Use  Professional Development Committee  Professionalism 

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Michigan, the Great Beer State

Posted By Donald Kuitila, Friday, May 22, 2015
Updated: Friday, May 22, 2015


Michigan ranks fifth in the nation with 131 craft breweries and is becoming a destination for beer lovers across the country. Brewers from the "Great Beer State” serve fresh beer to locals as well as a growing number of beer tourists who are coming to Michigan to sample creative and award winning beers from well-respected breweries. Ann Arbor has a wide range of brewers crafting many different styles of beer with everything from French Farmhouse Ales to highly hopped IPA's to Mexican Lagers.

Here are some breweries worth trying if you have the time to enjoy some fine Michigan beer. Most are within walking distance from the hotel with a few only a short cab ride away. We'll start with the closest brewery The Blue Tractor (207 E. Washington St) which is a short walk from the hotel and has six solid beers on tap including an American Cream Ale, Porter, Kolsch and IPA. They also offer a world class Smoke & BBQ menu to satisfy your dining needs. Arbor Brewing Co. (114 E. Washington St) is just down the street from The Blue Tractor and is Ann Arbor's oldest brewpub. They have ten beers on tap and a vegetarian friendly menu featuring local and sustainable ingredients. The brewery has expanded to include locations in nearby Ypsilanti and also India's first American craft brewery in Bangalore! Only a few doors down you'll find Grizzly Peak Brewing (120 W. Washington St). They offer twelve taps covering a variety of different beer styles. Their progressive "from-scratch” menu highlights fresh fish, hearth baked pizza, burgers and sandwiches.


The next few are a little further away from the Campus Inn but well worth the journey. Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales (311 S. Main St) is a half mile walk from the hotel through eclectic Ann Arbor and worth every step. They specialize in French Farmhouse and Belgian Style Ales using open fermentation and oak aging to create their world recognized beers. Their food menu is just as diverse with many interesting choices to pair with their beer. A short cab ride, or ambitious walk, brings you to Biercamp (1634 S. State St) which is a small batch brewery with five rotating taps that also specializes in artisan meats. Their sausages, jerky and sandwiches are all hand made using farms where their animals are raised naturally and humanely using no hormones or growth promoting drugs. They also feature an outdoor beer garden to enjoy the warm Michigan summer. The furthest away at 2.5 miles is Wolverine State Brewing Co. (2019 W. Stadium St). It is near Michigan Stadium (aka The Big House) so if you are in the area stop by for Michigan's only all Lager brewery. They brew classic lagers as well as a variety of India Pale Lagers (IPL's), higher gravity offerings and seasonals including Mexican, Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Spiced Lagers. They also serve a great BBQ menu with pulled pork, brisket and ribs all with a special house made dry rub.                

Whether you are looking for a crisp summer wheat or a big bodied sipping ale, Ann Arbor has many choices to quench your thirst. I highly recommend visiting a few of these brewpubs to experience some great tasting local beer.



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The Ann Arbor Summer Festival 2015-A MONTH-LONG Festival of Fun!

Posted By Michael Kelly, Monday, May 18, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A GREAT coincidence!    The famous Ann Arbor Summer Festival 2015 is taking place from June 12 through July 5 this year.   With the OPS Mid-Year Program taking place June 26 - 27, this is a wonderful opportunity to hit BOTH in one trip. 

Ann Arbor Summer Festival  

The Festival runs two programs simultaneously - one with inside activities and one with outside activities at various venues throughout the U of M campus and in downtown Ann Arbor.  The inside attractions, called Main-Stage, include performances of music, dance, comedy and theater – you’ll need to purchase tickets for these events.  "Top of the Park” events are admission-free outdoor offerings and feature movies under the stars, open-air performances and concerts, and other family-friendly attractions. There is also a special "Beyond” series in which attendees will enjoy unique pop-up events throughout the city of Ann Arbor.  Festival-goers should not miss the opportunities for fun including Bike Nights, Global Parties such as World Music Night, educational activities,  Kids Rock, Kids Zone, Rock & Recycle, and Retreat.  90% of the more than 100 events are FREE!

…Download the app from iTunes App Store or Android Apps on Google Play, so you can keep current on all the latest festival updates.

 -Purchase tickets online starting April, 2015 at

-Or call the Ticket Office at (734) 764-2538 or toll-free in Michigan at (800) 221-1229.


If you go, be sure to bring these…

• Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, lawn blankets, strollers, wagons, and folding chairs

• Photo ID for access to the beverage garden

• Dancing shoes

• A sense of adventure

• A costume any time but especially on theme nights

Tags:  2015  Ann Arbor  blog  education  Educational Meeting  funny  Interactive  Kellogg Eye Center  Mid-year  PDC  Special Events  Travel 

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