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Welcome to the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society Blog! The posts on this blog are authored by a myriad of individuals in Ophthalmology. Posts are not always authored by those directly affiliated with the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society and opinions may not be those of the OPS; however, all posts are submitted to a review process and have been approved by the OPS before being posted. Comments are open to the public. New posts are added every Friday, so make sure to check back often!


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JJJSA Raffle- We are changing it up this year Folks!

Posted By Rona Esquejo-Leon, Friday, November 8, 2013
Updated: Friday, November 8, 2013

For many years, calling out raffle prizes has always been very exciting at the Annual Program’s Welcome Reception!  Thanks to our most gracious vendors, we have had many generous prizes such as laptops, iPads, cameras, gift cards, text books and educational posters.  With all the wonderful prizes, who wouldn’t be excited?

In the past, we have always sold raffle tickets for $10/each.  All the raffle tickets were mixed together in one big box.  At the closing of the Welcome Reception, the raffle tickets were called out for the prize in hand!  Well, we are changing it up this year folks!

After much thought and consideration, we are now going to present our raffle donations in a different fashion!  So, listen up folks, this is how we are going to proceed… Tickets will still be sold at $10/each and you can still buy as many raffle tickets as your heart desires.  The raffle items will be displayed on a table during the Welcome Reception. Each item will have a cup in front of it where people can place their ticket to try to win that item. This is where 'the more than one ticket' comes in…if you see more than one raffle item you would like to try and win, you would need to place one ticket in the cup of first raffle item and a second ticket in the cup of second raffle item…makes sense so far?  If you want to increase your chances of winning, then it would be wise to place more than one ticket in the cup of the desired raffle item!

The two or three items with the greatest amount of tickets will be announced during the Welcome Reception.  For the raffle items with less tickets, the winning name will be written on a special index card next to the winning prize! Ticket buyers can walk to table and take a peek to see if they have won or not.  So what happens to items with no tickets?  All the extra tickets will be tossed in one big box and winners will be drawn.  

This will be a more exciting process than what we previously had.  I look forward to seeing who wins the great prizes we'll have this year!


Rona Lyn Esquejo-Leon, CRA, UNC Kittner Eye Center University of North Carolina

Tags:  AAO  blog  education  Educational Meeting  funny  Ice Breakers  Interactive  JJJ Award  New Orleans Interactive  PDC  Special Events 

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JJJSA in New Orleans

Posted By Rona Esquejo-Leon, Friday, July 12, 2013
Updated: Friday, July 12, 2013



Wouldn’t it be great to attend an Annual Program? Let’s say you attend this year’s OPS Annual Program in New Orleans! You’ll immerse yourself with wonderful speakers in our field with interesting topics, set with the backdrop of beignets, gumbo and jazz music!

I know many of us go on our own dime to the OPS’­­ Annual Programs. Believe me, I understand it is not cheap nor is it easy to budget for a trip like this. With daycare, student loans and other bills, it is hard to allocate the funds for a conference. So, why not apply for the Johnny Justice, Jr. Scholarship Award!?

The JJJSA gives OPS members a great opportunity to attend these wonderful programs in great places, like New Orleans! The JJJSA provides the recipient with a $700.00 cash award for any educational course approved by the OPS. If the award is to be used for the OPS Annual Education Program, in addition to the $700.00 cash award, the recipient will receive complimentary general registration, ten free course hours, three free workshops and recognition at the annual Awards Reception. Sounds great, right?! Well, it is! So APPLY, what are you waiting for?

I am not only the Chair of the JJJSA Committee, but I am also a past JJJSA recipient.


- Rona Esquejo-Leon, CRA

Tags:  AAO  blog  education  Educational Meeting  Interactive  JJJ Award  Johnny Justice Jr. Scholarship  Meaningful Use  New Orleans  Travel 

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My First OPS Meeting

Posted By Amy Goldstein, Friday, December 14, 2012
Updated: Friday, December 14, 2012

Where do I start? The 2012 OPS Annual Program was my first ever OPS meeting. I did so much, learned so much, met so many wonderful people and had so many educational & networking opportunities, that it’s hard to narrow exactly what to talk about. So I have to start at the beginning.


(Sarah Moyer, CRA, OCT-C)

I attended RIT and graduated in 2005 with degrees in both Advertising Photography and Biomedical Photography. I worked as a professional portrait photographer on the east coast for six years. Last year in 2011, things changed. My boyfriend was offered a job to work as a contractor at Apple. Yes, that Apple. So we jumped at the opportunity and moved to Silicon Valley in California. I struggled to find work with a high end portrait studio and struggled even harder to start up my own business in a new city, 3000+ miles away from my old clients. Thankfully, I found a job posting as a receptionist for a group of Retina Specialists. I was hired and within a month my role of receptionist had already started to shift to that of Ophthalmic Photographer.

From my time at RIT, I felt that everything I learned was in preparation for my CRA. With that certification, comes not just a pretty piece of paper and bragging rights, but the proof that I am a competent and accomplished ophthalmic photographer. So I joined the OPS and got myself back on track. But there is only so much a person can do with a book in front of them.

When I got the paperwork in the mail for the Annual Program, I knew I had to go. Flipping through those pages and looking at the tremendous variety and substance of courses offered, I knew that I had to attend. But in 7 years, I had already fallen so far behind my fellow RIT grads. To put it into perspective, two of my fellow classmates were teaching at this meeting. And here I was just starting out. Silicon Valley is a very expensive place to live and RIT is a very expensive school to go to. So I couldn’t afford to fly across the country, stay in a ritzy hotel, plus pay for the classes that I wanted to attend. My only option was to apply for the Johnny Justice, Jr. Scholarship Award. You could not believe my joy and amazement when I got the call that I had won! It was a little nerve wracking and I have to admit that I had tremendous amounts of butterflies in my stomach and a serious case of stage fright when I stood up in front of all of the attendants at the awards presentation Friday evening. But I would do it again and again for the educational opportunity that winning the scholarship afforded me. Thanks again to the committee for choosing me! I am that much closer to getting both my CRA and OCT-C certifications.


(Alan Frohlichstein, CRA, FOPS)

I had an ambitious course load that I wanted to take at this year’s meeting and I think in the end I attended over 25 credits worth of educational classes and workshops. From the basics of OCT and FA to advanced interpretation, fundus autofluorescence, retinal surgical videos, anterior segment OCT’s and FA’s, diagnostic B-scans, wide angle imaging and learning about different disease processes like diabetes and myopic degeneration. It was an amazing educational opportunity that I can never replace. I never learned about OCT scans in school, since it was just an emerging technology, so I decided to concentrate on that and took as many courses involving OCT imaging as possible. I attended classes and workshops on SD OCT, descriptive interpretation of OCT, anterior segment OCT, 3D OCT, all the way to Master OCT.

(Amy Goldstein, BFA, BS)


I tried to fit in as much as I could into the 5 days that I was in Chicago. I went to the "Friends of the OPS” lunch with another newcomer and met with Paula Morris and Kirsten Locke, the then current President and the soon to be future Vice President of the OPS respectively. I got to chat with these lovely ladies about myself, them, the OPS organization, work, being an ophthalmic photographer, certification, life, you name it. What a great way for a newbie like myself to get to know all about the OPS while getting some seriously good advice for my future as an ophthalmic imager.  

One of those fellow RIT grads that I mentioned earlier, Sarah Moyer, invited me to attend a meeting for the Professional Development Committee. The PDC is a great way to get your toes wet in the OPS. Speaking of getting your toes wet, we ran down the rainy streets of Chicago to the nearby Marriott Hotel and had a great chat. I found out all about the PDC and what they do. Starting in January, if you check out our Facebook page, you just might see me helping to organize some of the great activities that we have going on there! In addition to running the OPS Facebook page, the PDC is responsible for the OPS blog (that you are reading right now!) During the Annual Program, they organized activities like the Personal Photo Night and the Photo Scavenger Hunt. They also help out with special projects that other OPS Committees need more help with.

(Alan Frohlichstein, CRA, FOPS)  

Beside the tremendous education that I received from attending these classes, the highlight of my trip was the amazing speeches on new and emerging technologies given during the Scientific Paper Sessions, not to mention the Donald M. Gass lecture on Azoor, given by Dr. Heckenlively. It is truly astounding to think about how far ophthalmic imaging has come and where it might be going in the future.

The 2012 OPS Annual Program was an amazing educational opportunity for me. The friendliness of everyone I met was encouraging, not to mention the level of knowledge from all of the teachers and presenters was outstanding. Again, thanks to the JJJSA committee for making it possible for people like me to attend. Next year’s mid-year meeting is being held in San Francisco, which is only an hour away from where I live. You better believe you will see me in attendance, getting my knowledge on!


Amy Désirée Goldstein, BFA, BS, has been working at Northern California Retina Vitreous Associates in Mountain View, CA as an ophthalmic photographer for over a year. When she isn't photographing eye balls, she enjoys hiking, yoga, meditation, kung fu and crocheting.

Tags:  AAO  blog  Chicago  education  Educational Meeting  Ice Breakers  JJJ Award  Johnny Justice Jr. Scholarship  Meaningful Use  PDC  Professional Development Committee  Travel 

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Johnny Justice Jr. Scholarship

Posted By Adeline Stone, Friday, July 20, 2012
Updated: Friday, July 20, 2012

Winning the Johnny Justice Jr. (JJJ) scholarship award was a huge honor that allowed me to attend the Chapel Hill Mid-Year meeting. I would like to thank the Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society for putting together this financial resource for ophthalmic imagers. It was an immense pleasure to meet Johnny Justice Jr. in person, as well as all of the other members of the OPS who attended that meeting. Without this scholarship, I would not have been able to attend or continue my education in this manner.  

My experience applying for this scholarship was a pleasant one. The practice I work in is very large and after learning the challenges that many employers face when sending their staff to meetings like this, I have a new appreciation for all the work everyone does to make meetings like the one I attended happen. The JJJ scholarship was a golden opportunity that allowed me to expand my knowledge and grow professionally!  

In Chapel Hill I met great people, expanded my network, enriched my education, and lastly, tasted some very good micro-brews! The break-out session for Adobe Photoshop really helped me gain some editing techniques that I had not had. The wide angle imaging lectures and imaging tumors class have inspired our diagnostic imaging department to revamp our protocols and start using our montaging software again. I am also working on starting an OPS regional chapter, so many of the professionals I work with can provide our region with more continuing education locally and to connect with other members of OPS in the Pacific Northwest.  

My sincerest gratitude goes out to the wonderful group of OPS members who put together these high quality educational meetings, sharing their knowledge and experience in Ophthalmology. Thank you for helping me grow in this profession by selecting me as the Mid-Year JJJ scholarship recipient and assisting me on my way to becoming a CRA.


(Photo Credit: Rona Esquejo-Leon)



Adeline Stone, COT, is employed at Spokane Eye Clinic as the Supervisor of Diagnostic Services. She has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Ophthalmic Medical Technology from Portland Community College. In her free time she enjoys the great outdoors with her husband in the Pacific Northwest by snowboarding, hiking and camping. Having obtained a Certificate in Culinary Arts, she also enjoys cooking, baking, canning and gardening.

Tags:  blog  education  Educational Meeting  Ice Breakers  Interactive  JJJ Award  Johnny Justice Jr. Scholarship  PDC  Professional Development Committee  school  Travel 

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