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Welcome to the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society Blog! The posts on this blog are authored by a myriad of individuals in Ophthalmology. Posts are not always authored by those directly affiliated with the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society and opinions may not be those of the OPS; however, all posts are submitted to a review process and have been approved by the OPS before being posted. Comments are open to the public. New posts are added every Friday, so make sure to check back often!


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Evening Entertainment Establishments

Posted By Donald Kuitula, Friday, June 12, 2015
Updated: Monday, June 15, 2015

Like any good college town, Ann Arbor has a large variety of drinking establishments featuring great drink specials along with lively atmospheres. Those seeking a game of pool, a place to dance or even drink beer from "Das Boot” will find it here. The following is a small list of bars showing the diversity of hangouts in the area:

The Brown Jug is a U of M landmark which opened its doors back in 1936. The bar is named after the jug that is passed to the winner of the Michigan/Minnesota football game each year. Dating back to 1903, the brown jug is the oldest rivalry trophy in college football. The Brown Jug has been recognized as one of the best campus bars in the U.S. and offers an expansive food menu and equally impressive drink menu with lots of daily specials. This is a place where their motto holds true: "good food, good drinks and good friends”. If you like outdoor dining and house made sangria, look no further than Dominick's in the south university area. They are known for their seafood, Italian fare and pizza. In addition to their top selling sangria, a pink slushy drink called Constant Buzz is also a favorite of Dominick's regulars. It's best to arrive before seven as the place fills up quickly each night. 

Ashley's near the heart of campus on South State Street has been rated as one of the top 100 beer bars in the country. They offer over 50 taps with a mix of local favorites as well as beers from around the world. The dining menu at Ashley's has pub bites as well as burgers, wraps, sandwiches and a large selection of specialty fries. When you are in the mood to lay it all out on the dance floor, Necto has been recently voted as the best nightclub in Michigan. "Transport” Thursday offers Ann Arbor's biggest college party as DJ Knowledge brings high energy with Top 40, House, Throwback and Pop. "Frequency” Saturday Night is reserved for Top 40, Dance and House music with DJ Hardy and host MC Yoda. Their extended weekend happy hour goes from 9-11 Thursday through Sunday to help you bust out your best moves.


If your goal is to shoot pool, throw darts and have some PBR and popcorn, check out the 8 Ball Saloon. This seedy dive bar is located in the basement of the famous Blind Pig music venue which has hosted everyone from Jimmy Hendrix to the MC5 to Nirvana. It features a great jukebox, cash only bar with cheap drinks and an utter lack of pretension. When there is a big game on that you simply cannot miss, Scorekeepers is the place to be with many large projection screens to appease the most diehard sports fan. Known as a college bar that caters to the younger crowd, this bar also turns into a dance club after 11 pm. This is a great place for big groups and anyone looking to catch their favorite team in action.

The Rathskeller is located beneath the Heidelberg restaurant. The alpine dining room upstairs serves a variety of traditional German food from marinated Herring and Spaetzle to Schnitzel, Sauerbraten and Knockwurst. Head downstairs to the Rathskeller to enjoy over 14 taps specializing in the many different styles of German beer. If you've ever wanted to drink out of a bierstiefel (glass boot), this is the place! The boots are offered in 1 or 2 liter sizes and you can even purchase one to take home with you. Bill's Beer Garden is a place like no other. It takes over the parking lot of Downtown Home and Garden when the century old retailer closes its doors at 6:30. There is ample outdoor seating along with a large selection of beer and wine. Food can be brought in from the adjacent Mark's Carts food cart courtyard. The courtyard has eight food carts ready to serve Mexican, Indian and Chinese among other types of food. It's a true collaboration of three different businesses coming together to offer a unique outdoor experience.


When the night time is the right time, there is a bar for any mood or occasion. These are just a few of the many places around town to help you unwind after the conference. I encourage you to head out and explore the nightlife in Ann Arbor!

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CRA Performance Exam

Posted By Eric Kegley, Friday, April 3, 2015
Updated: Friday, April 3, 2015

So, have you ever been to a Mid-Year Program? I haven’t, and I’ve been a member of the OPS and a CRA since 2006! Even before I had joined the OPS I often attended the OPS Annual Meeting to get my JCAHPO credits since most of what I did in the office was photography related.

 Well…. this year that is going to change. I currently serve on the OPS Board of Certification (BOC) as the CRA section chair, and as such will be in Ann Arbor for the CRA performance exam which is to be held on Sunday, June 28th, 2015. I thought this would be a great time to attend a Mid-Year Program as well.  The program looks great!

And speaking of the CRA performance exam, do you plan on taking the exam in Ann Arbor? Did you know about that opportunity? This will be the second time as the Chair of the CRA section that I will be organizing the CRA performance exam. I am even more excited to be there this time.

I remember taking the performance exam in San Francisco in 2006 when it was offered immediately before the ICOP meeting. I also remember how nervous I was. Even though I had already been imaging patients for 14 years, it was still a little strange to be having to perform those tasks in front of another imager, especially Jonathan Shankle, of all people.

But in all seriousness, this summer would be a great time to visit beautiful Ann Arbor and achieve part of the requirements for certification as a CRA (don’t forget about the written test!). Tim Steffens, the Chair of the BOC, will be hosting the meeting and the exam at Kellogg Eye Center. Achieving my certification was a goal that I had set for myself when I first started imaging all the way back in 1993 and it gave me great personal and professional satisfaction to attain it. I believe that most CRAs feel the same.

If you are planning on coming to Ann Arbor for the exam, make sure you have all the requirements met by the end of April. (

The deadline for applying for the performance exam is six weeks prior to the date of the exam, May 15th 2015.

More information about registering for the performance exam in Ann Arbor can be found at:

 If you have any questions, feel free to email


I hope to see you there and best of luck!


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Webinar - 3 Reasons

Posted By Robert Shutt, Friday, August 29, 2014
Updated: Friday, August 29, 2014

When was the last time you attended an OPS sponsored webinar? Mine was July 28 - Low Vision Rehab. In a word it was insightful. In fact, all 3 webinars that I've attended have exceeded my expectations. (And the same will be true of the 4 more I'm registered for). Which is why I'm writing this blog! I came up with 3 reasons why I love these educational programs. Of course there are more than just 3 reasons and we'd love to hear your responses too.


 #1 - Relevance.

The topics under consideration are very relevant to our profession. In fact after each webinar I was able to put into practice points that I had gleaned.

 #2 - Time.

Let's face it, whose life today isn't busy? If The Beatles were singing about 8 days a week in the 60's, what would they say now? Anyway - to take just 1 hour of my time on occasion suits me just fine!

 #3 - Ease.

Question: in the past, have you ever gone to an OPS annual meeting and if you have, did you bring your recliner or large sectional couch with you? Absurd right??? But with webinars, that's right, you can stay right on your soft saddled couch guilt free! And might I add - you can also enjoy your favorite refreshments. (I'll keep you guessing as to what I like).

 So, my point:

without leaving your house, nestled in a relaxed atmosphere which is conducive for learning, we have at our fingertips a remarkable and a very resourceful tool.

There you have my 3 reasons why I love these webinars! Now it's your turn. Please let us know what you love about our OPS sponsored webinars.



Robert Shutt: CRA, OCT-C presently works for Danbury Eye Physicians and Surgeons, CT largest multi-specialty practice. Also, recently invited to serve on the OPS' Professional Development Committee. Enjoys traveling, drumming and, of course, photography.

Tags:  blog  cute  education  PDC  Study  Webinars 

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AV Challenge

Posted By Hoang Nguyen, Friday, June 27, 2014
Updated: Friday, June 27, 2014


A scene from the 1994 OPS Annual Program:  A presenter carried a loaded slide carousel and handed it to the Audio-Visual (AV) technician near the Kodak projector somewhere in the middle of the lecture room.  The AV tech placed the carousel on the projector, turned it on, aligned it, and focused the first slide on to the screen.   Some projectors had a cable remote that could be long enough to run from the projector to the podium, where the speaker stands.   If not, someone had to stand near the projector to manually push a button to advance the slide forward whenever the presenter said: “next”.

Forward to 2004 and present day:  A lecturer carries a laptop and walks to the podium to connect a VGA cable from the LCD projector to the laptop.  With a push of a button on the key board, the images project onto the screen.  If the projector was already lined up and turned on, the AV tech may stand nearby, just in case, most of the time the AV tech just observes. 

Running the AV for the OPS has been fun and rewarding.  Most of the time, it pretty much runs by itself as speakers are pretty savvy with their computers and already know how to connect the VGA cable to their laptop.  But because there are so many different laptops, some of them don’t have the standard VGA ports and then require a dongle to convert to VGA ports.   Often times, speakers forget to bring the dongle with them or they left it at their previous talk.  The OPS have solved that problem by have a few types of dongles available on site.

Sometimes other challenges arise for the AV tech.  For example, some of the computers have a VGA port, but do not have the screws to tighten the cable.  If the speaker happens to move their laptop during their talk, the VGA cable loosens just enough that it causes some color shift or even flickering during their lecture.  Yes, this has actually happened twice at the OPS Annual Program.

I really enjoy coordinating the AV during the OPS education programs.  Most of the time, it is a pretty relaxing job, as most of the time, I just walk around to check on people.  But when there are crises, it seems like it always happens two places at once.  Sometimes, just when a speaker is about to present their talk, nothing shows on the screen.  That is when you see me running!

Tags:  AAO  AV  blog  cute  education  Educational Meeting  PDC  Special Events 

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Check out: TORONTO IN 3D!!

Posted By Tim Bennett and Sarah Moyer, Friday, May 23, 2014

The 2014 International Conference on Ophthalmic Photography was held in Toronto, Ontario on May 1-3 2014. These dates were chosen in part to coincide with the opening of Scotiabank CONTACT, an annual city-wide celebration of photography. CONTACT is billed as the largest photography event in the world, capturing an audience of 1.8 million people.CONTACT includes 13 major exhibits in museums and galleries, as well as public installations, classes, and workshops throughout the month of May.

One of the CONTACT events of interest to ophthalmic photographers is Double the Pleasure, Triple the Fun. Curated by Chelsea Jeffrey and Rachel Wong in partnership with the Photographic Historical Society of Canada, the exhibit features historical 3D stereographic photographs, cameras, and stereo viewers from several different eras.

The exhibit is housed in the historic Campbell House Museum in downtown Toronto and opened on May 3rd, the final day of ICOP. Anticipating that ICOP attendees would have interest in viewing this exhibit, ICOP organizer, Cynthia VandenHoven arranged for a special after-hours tour of the museum. It was a great way to wrap up three stimulating days of education and international camaraderie at ICOP.

Just as interesting as the exhibit itself, was touring it with a group of ophthalmic photographers experienced in stereo photography. We shared our knowledge and experience in stereo imaging with each other and the museum staff. Geoffrey Pankhurst described his collection of stereo images and viewers, including an antique Russian viewer. He has been collecting for many years, long before joining the profession of ophthalmic photography.

Gerard de Graaf shared his passion for imaging railways in stereo. He has travelled the world to document railways in Zimbabwe, Indonesia, and in many European countries. At the conclusion of this conversation, a handshake with Sarah Moyer sealed the deal on a promise to incorporate stereo into ICOP 2018.

After viewing this well curated exhibit, ICOP attendees said our goodbyes and parted ways. A few of us still tried to cram in some sightseeing before leaving Toronto. The city is home to many great attractions including the CN Tower which until recently was the tallest (553.33 m) freestanding structure in the world. The Hockey Hall of Fame is also in Toronto. Both of these venues were showing 3D movies. At the CN Tower, the movie was titled Legends of Flight 3D.

Sarah Moyer, Hillary Bernard and Tim Bennett watched Legends of Flight together. It was at times spectacular and at times pretty "cheesy” with some of the 3D animation detracting from the experience.

Stanley’s Game 7 in 3D at the Hockey Hall of Fame was very well done with only a few isolated moments when the 3D was slightly overdone.

If you visit Toronto during the month of May, be sure to stop by the Campbell House to see the stereo exhibit. You also shouldn’t miss the 3D movies at the CN Tower and the Hockey Hall of Fame when visiting these landmark Toronto attractions.

It’s not too early to starting planning to attend the next ICOP in 2018. It sounds like stereo imaging will be one of the themes for this great collaborative meeting.

Here are few anaglyph images from Toronto and the Campbell House Museum. To properly view the 3D effect, use red/cyan anaglyph glasses with the red lens over your left eye. Enjoy:


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