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OPS Annual Program
43rd Annual Meeting and Educational Program

Photo Credit:  Alan Frohlichstein, CRA, FOPS November 9-13, 2012 Chicago, Illinois 

Online Course Evaluation Surveys must be completed to obtain the CECs for each of the courses you attended.  Use this link to access the CEC Evaluation Surveys for the 2012 Annual Educational Program.  THIS LINK IS FOR MEETING ATTENDEES ONLY:  
Remember, you must be signed into the OPS website to be able to complete the surveys and accumulate the CECs in your personal profile.  Surveys must be completed by December 15, 2012.


Photo Credit:  Cornelia Gottlieb, CRA, OCT-C
"Outstanding program” "Innovative courses” "Great speakers” "Awesome workshops” These are just a few of the many positive comments I heard about the OPS’ 43rd Educational Program held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Chicago. Although much appreciated, I cannot take all the credit for this. This program, in addition to all OPS educational programs, is truly a collaborative effort by many individuals. These educational endeavors would not be successful without these efforts and your continued support. Below are some final thoughts/summaries from a few members of the Program Planning Team.


Bob Cavicchi, General Chair 

Photo Credit:  Alan Frohlichstein, CRA, FOPSFrom the Education Chair, Dennis Thayer:

Once again the 2012 OPS Annual Meeting is in the history books. The educational portion's success was a combination of over 77 classes and workshops including basic and future looking subjects. More than 100 lecturers, workshop assistants, room monitors and many more OPS members working behind the scenes were willing to take time to make this meeting one of the best educational programs ever. My thanks to new speakers, both MDs and OPS members who helped give us a different take on many subjects from gonio photography to dry AMD and many more. The OPS is a vibrant group and it is only as successful as the volunteers who make this meeting and others possible. Our strength is the pool of information OPS members and others provide to make our educational programs both interesting and filled with solid information on subjects both directed in our daily jobs and looking ahead to the future of ophthalmic imaging.


Photo Credit:  Sarah Moyer, CRA, OCT-CFrom the Workshop Chair, Lydia Dimmer:

This year’s meeting offered varied core and advanced workshops as well as other popular topics, such as Anterior Segment OCT, Slit Lamp and Gonio Photography, B Scan, and Wide Angle Imaging.  I feel fortunate to have had the help of such a fabulous team of outstanding faculty from around the country, including some 1st rate technical support specialists from our contributing vendors.  It was great to see the expertise and experience next to the energetic enthusiasm of the newer members.  Students were engaged and had positive hands on experiences.  I would like to extend a BIG THANKS to all instructors and especially to the workshop coordinators who facilitated well guided courses.   


From the Equipment Chair, Jim Soque:Photo Credit:  Alan Frohlichstein, CRA, FOP

We had an incredible amount of volunteer support from all of our members, and their relations alike, who helped me receive, stage, and move equipment accordingly for the 2012 Annual Meeting. Volunteers kept in constant communication with regard to loading in equipment from our list of vendors, helping with the
orchestration of receipt of equipment, managing the freight elevators, maintaining a secure location in Seville West Ballroom, and positioning the various devices into the designated workshop ballrooms, prior to their use throughout the program. All of the volunteers I recruited deserve our profound thanks for taking time during their busy schedules to help with the staging of the equipment that was used for the Annual Program. To my Photo Credit:  Alan Frohlichstein, CRA, FOPknowledge, there was no damage of equipment, no damage sustained to the hotel dwelling, and no difficulties at the receiving end, or at the load out end throughout the entire 8 days of our involvement with the Intercontinental Hotel, Chicago. The hotel support staff and planning committees aided with our every need, and were very pleasant to work with, in all regards. This includes the staging of our workshop rooms, security, freight elevator demand, and timely access of designated rooms, throughout our venue. They deserve a warm ‘Thank You’ from the OPS for their smooth operation of their facility during our stay with them.

From the Volunteer Coordinator, Laura Savage:

Twenty-nine people volunteered their time this year to serve as Room Monitors for the 2012 Annual Program.
We had both first time and seasoned Room Monitors. One first time Room Monitor is a professional photographer who took courses in order to find out more about ophthalmic photography to see if it was a field they wanted to go into! This was a meeting of changes and challenges as the OPS retired the old course evaluation cards and upgraded to on-line course evaluations. The Room Monitors did amazing job learning and implementing the new process and the time they spent helping the Program attendees enter their on-line evaluations was greatly appreciated.  


2012 Program Sponsors
The following vendors will be sponsoring the Annual Program in Chicago.  Be sure to check out their instruments in our workshops and if  you get a chance to enter the AAO exhibit, visit their booths at the Convention Center.  You can also click on their names below to see their websites. The OPS greatly appreciates the support these vendors provide.  
Platinum Contributors

Gold Contributors
Silver Contributors
Bronze Contributors
Raffle Items and Supplies
*Sustaining Member
The Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society wishes to express gratitude to these companies and their representatives who furnish financial contributions, equipment, supplies and technical support for the Annual Educational Program.Without their support and enthusiasm the workshops and other portions of this program would not be possible. 
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