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Break-Out Sessions
Chapel Hill Mid-Year Program 2012
Online Registration is located here

Each day there will be a 2 hour breakout session that will be running at the same time as the lectures.  Students will be able to pick between lectures OR the break-out sessions.  Read below for more information on the break-out sessions.      


3:00‐5:00  Saturday, June 9, 2012 
Moderator: Ethan Priel, FOPS

Following the transition from film to digital angiography, and even more so with the arrival of optical coherence tomography (OCT), the need to electronically archive, display and share images from multiple imaging devices has become a central issue for both ophthalmic imagers and physicians alike.  Many companies have developed sophisticated platforms aimed at doing just that ‐ offering various methods for 'capturing' the images generated by
imaging devices, presenting them side‐by‐side, allowing different degrees of image manipulation and security, all while attempting to present them 'instantly' both across our clinics and across wider networks. This Image Management Workshop will provide the attendee with in‐depth introductions to the leading platforms available today, presented by the expert representatives of the participating companies.  In addition, the second part of the Workshop will offer a unique opportunity to 'test‐drive' the different programs, allowing for an educated comparison of their features, options and possible limitations. At the end of this extensive Workshop the students will be able to identify the different image‐management programs presented, have an understanding of the major differences between them, have had an opportunity to experiment with the actual software features, and have the appropriate tools to make an assessment of the program which would best meet the needs of their office, clinic or eye department.  The following companies will be participating in the image management break-out session:  Carl Zeiss Meditec, Chace and Associates Technologies, LLC, Kowa Optimed, Inc., Merge Healthcare, Nidek, Sonomed Escalon, Topcon Medical Systems.  




3:00‐5:00  Saturday, June 10, 2012 
Marshall Tyler, CRA, FOPS; Richard Hackel, CRA, FOPS

Prerequisite: Students will need to bring their own laptop, pre‐loaded with a working version of "Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended."
A free 30‐day trial version is available on‐line from Adobe:  This two hour, hands‐on workshop will introduce the beginning and intermediate Photoshop user to the tools of Photoshop, and how they are useful for working with ophthalmic images. Basic core topics will be introduced, and techniques demonstrated. Some basic ophthalmic images will be supplied for students to work with. The course will be paced as much as possible to the overall skill level of the class. 

1. How to set up Photoshop to work more efficiently
2. Introduction to the basic tools
3. Workflow ‐ How to open and save image files
4. Image file formats, and why they matter
5. How to convert a color image to black and white.
6. Desktop printing, prepress, and exporting image file essentials
7. Using global and local exposure and color controls to correct basic problems in color fundus photographs
8. Layer adjustments
9. Using selection tools to modify, correct, and enhance photographs
10. Image sharpening, tools, tricks and pitfalls.

At the end of this workshop, the student should have a working understanding of, and basic skill set for using Adobe Photoshop as a valuable tool for processing ophthalmic images. The mash process converts the starches into fermentable sugars. 

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