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Chapel Hill Mid-Year Program 2012
Online Registration is located here


For those of you arriving the day before the program, we have organized a walking tour of UNC for you! As you navigate through campus, your tour guides will discuss UNC history, campus life, and campus lore. The tour will begin promptly at 5:30pm on Friday, June 8th. Please meet in the lobby of the Carolina Inn between 5:15 and 5:30. The tour will last between 60 and 90 minutes and will end at the corner of Franklin Street and South Columbia Streets. You can easily return to the hotel from here or get dinner on Franklin Street. When you register for the program, please indicate if you are interested in attending the tour.  Read below for some information about your tour guides.  

Molly Jarman

Molly graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2004 with a degree in Anthropology, and again in 2006 with a Master's in Health Behavior. After a year of teaching college students how not to get sick, she moved on to the wonderful world of research management. She's served as project manager for the Radiology-Epidemiology research group in the UNC School of Medicine since 2007.

Zoey LeTendre

Zoey graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2005 with a degree in Interpersonal and Organizational Communications. Her interest in Student Affairs, cultivated in the Orientation and Activities Board offices, led her to a residence life position far, far away in Durham. After two years, the distance proved too great and Zoey returned home to Chapel Hill. For the last five years, she's advised the Carolina Union Activities Board, teaching students event planning, leadership, and team work.   


Immediately following the course on Saturday, June 9th, join your colleagues on the third floor of the MBRB building for the first OPS Home-Brew Reception.  The Board of Education is checking out the space in the image to the right.  In addition to some tasty beverages, you'll get to enjoy some North Carolina Barbeque and discover the true meaning to "Corn Hole". Take advantage of this opportunity to make some new friends and catch up with old ones.    


Several OPS members spend their nights and weekends brewing beer.  They are excited to share their brews with us!  Biographies are below for the OPS brewers who have been perfecting their brews for the past few months preparing for the big night!  Please thank them for their major contributions to our evening of fun.  

To learn more about brewing, check out Tim Steffens and Allen Katz's Introduction to Home Brewing.      

Tim Bennett

Tim will be bringing so much beer to the Mid-Year program that he is going to drive the six hours from Pennsylvania to Chapel Hill.  He will be bringing a couple of "Eye” themed mystery brews and a few small samples of a variety of styles from light to dark.  Tim has been home brewing two to three times a month for the past two years.  His first home brew was an IPA that was slow to ferment and ended up tasting like a Belgian pale ale.  His most recent was a true-to-style Dusseldorf Alt Beer.  Tim’s favorite kind of beer is American Style India Pale Ales with lots of hops.  Troegs Nugget Nectar is his favorite commercial beer.  In Tim’s house the most temperature stable spots are in the first floor and basement powder rooms.  At any given time there is between ten and twenty gallons of beer fermenting or conditioning in the unused shower stall (see image to the left).  This has led to the unofficial name for his home brewing adventures:  "Powder Room Brewing Co.”  While brewing, Tim usually samples a homebrew (or two or three…).  Once or twice after sampling too much, he has missed a hop addition in the boil and has had to adjust the recipe on the fly while brewing somewhat impaired.  Those batches usually end up being the best brews he’s ever made.  He has yet to re-create them when sober!    

Allen Katz

Allen will be sharing his hopped up IPA (India Pale Ale) with us at the Mid-Year program.  He started brewing when his slightly underage (and highly motivated) sons bought him a home brewing kit for Father’s Day.  For the past 9 years, he has been brewing one or two batches a month.  Each batch requires loving care over time and gets a few hours of attention on most weekends and even some weekdays.  Allen’s first brew was a Brown Ale.  He recommends this for any newbie as it is forgiving with variations and it can turn out well even with the worst techniques.  Allen prefers to be judged by close friends and aficionados of his own choosing rather than entering contests.  His favorite beer is anything with a high international bittering unit (IBU) and alcohol by volume (ABV).  When Allen was starting his brewing adventure, his sons wanted to try brewing a mead (honey wine) which can take up to a year to ferment.  After fermenting for 10 months and bottling in time for the holidays, the bottles started exploding.  These bottles left behind a sticky, glass shard infested mess in the storage room.  They treated the remaining bottles as if they were handling dynamite and quickly decided to stick with the safety of ale brewing going forward.  
Don Kuitula Brewing

Donald Kuitula

Even though Don (pictured left) is unable to attend the Mid-Year program, he plans on shipping his Drye Eye P.A. (American Rye IPA) and his Inflammation Ale (Habanero/Jalapeno Pale) for everyone to enjoy.  Don has been home brewing every other month or so for the past 7 years.  His first brewing adventure was a disaster!  He received a home brewing kit as a gift from his brother in 1995 for an English Ale.  While brewing, he missed the fact that everything touching the wort after the boil had to be sanitized.  This major oversight led to five gallons of beer being dumped down the drain.  Well, almost five gallons as he managed to choke down 10-12 of the nasty tasting and overly carbonated beers!  Most recently he brewed an IPA that he threw together with left over hops from other brewing sessions.  He has entered a few homebrew club tastings with Primetime Brewers in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Don’s favorite beer is Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing.  

Tim Steffens

Tim plans on bringing an Apple Ale, Vanilla Porter, a Honey Wheat and maybe a Dunkleweizen to the Mid-Year program.  Tim has been brewing for 28 years.  He discovered at age 15 that even though he couldn't buy beer, he could make it!    Now that he has two children and travels frequently he only brews about once every other month.  His first brew was Hefeweizen (a wheat beer).  It's pretty easy to make and with the banana and clove notes it's very fruity and refreshing.  Tim has entered the Indiana State Fair competition a few times, but wasn't impressed with the judging so he stopped.  He prefers to have his beer judged by his peers and friends.  His goal is to make a really good drinkable refreshing beer.  Tim enjoys malty beers with a big mouth kind of feel like a nice big Merlot. Bock and Dunkelweizen are his favorites.  Check out a the labels for his Hooiser Honey Wheat and Sour Puss Tart Cherry Wheat on this page.     

If you are interested in bringing your home-brew to the reception, please contact Sarah Moyer at  

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