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50th Anniversary of the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society
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The Ophthalmic Photographers' Society is Celebrating 50 Years of Imaging Excellence! In 1969, Johnny Justice Jr. and some like-minded colleagues had a dream of starting a professional society for ophthalmic photographers, and they did.  Since those early days, the Society has grown, prospered, strengthened, and evolved into the vibrant organization that we know today. This quote from one of our Founding Members in 1978 still resonates today as we celebrate this significant milestone in the history of our profession:

“It is inevitable that, at such a moment as this, we should pause in retrospect, to recall that day in the spring of 1969, when Johnny Justice Jr. approached a group of photographers who were attending the ARVO meeting in Sarasota, Florida, and discussed the feasibility of a new society. It is also natural for us to reminisce about the "early days" of the OPS, and to wonder about the future.”

Don Wong, RBP, FOPS in the inaugural issue of the JOP in 1978

50th Anniversary Reception Video 


OPS President Michael Kelly, FOPS hosts the OPS 50th Anniversary celebration in San Francisco, 10/11/2019. Video by Ryan Carnrick,


OPS Memories

Slide shows unveiled during the 2019 OPS 50th Anniversary Celebration in San Francisco. Images from the OPS Photo Archives. Slide shows curated by Paula Morris, Denise Barsness, and Tim Bennett.

50th Anniversary Album

Five decades of images selected from the OPS Photo Archives. Even if you don't recognize all the individuals depicted, the camaraderie, teamwork, and passion for a shared profession all shine through in these photographs. Thanks to the many contributing photographers and the OPS Historical Committee for cataloging and archiving these images. Enjoy!

50th Anniversary Photo Gallery 

50th Anniversary Memories Forum

Take a few minutes to share some of your favorite memories about your association with the OPS in the special "50th Anniversary Memories Forum". You may share things you learned at educational programs, a special photo, or time spent with good friends sharing some laughs. 
50th Anniversary Memories Forum 

Get to Know Your Society: Historical Vignettes:

Brief stories behind some of the important society functions, benefits, committees, and programs:

The Journal of Ophthalmic Photography, Richard Hackel, FOPS

Evolution of the OPS Scientific Exhibit, Alan Frohlichstein, CRA, FOPS 

OPS Roots at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Paula Morris, CRA, FOPS

Building International Community with ICOP, Paula Morris, CRA, FOPS

The Origins and Evolution of the OPS Logo, Tim Bennett, CRA, FOPS, Ditte Hess, FOPS & Johnny Justice, Jr, CRA, FOPS

Who Are the OPS Fellows and What Do We Owe Them?, Paula Morris, CRA, FOPS

In the News

Ophthalmology Times article, April 1, 2019

Ophthalmic Professional article, July/August, 2019

Blast from the Past!

Do you remember the 25th Anniversary Crossword Puzzle that appeared in the Journal of Ophthalmic Photography Volume 16:2 1994? The puzzle was compiled by John Dubois, CRA, Donna Rae Sutherland, and Ben Milder. The answer key will be posted during the 50th Anniversary celebration at the OPS annual meeting in San Francisco! Check it out and see if you can complete the entire puzzle:

25th Anniversary Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Answer Key

Do you think you know the history of our society? Try your hand at this trivia quiz put together by the 50th Anniversary Committee. The answer key will be posted here soon.

50th Anniversary Trivia Quiz 

History of the OPS

Selected articles from the Journal of Ophthalmic Photography that chronicle the history of the OPS.

Inaugural Issue Editorial, Wong D. 10/1978 Vol 1:1 p.2

The Ophthalmic Photographers' Society: A Biographical Sketch, Justice JJ Jr. 10/1978 Vol 1:1 p.5

The First 25 Years of the OPS: A Presidential Perspective, Saine PJ. 10/1994 Vol 16:2 p.54

A Historical Review of Women in the OPS, Barsness DA. 10/1994 Vol 16:2 p.67

A Brief Historical Review of Certification within the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society, Martonyi CL, Tomer TL, Wong D. 10/1994 Vol 16:2 p.60

Snapshots in Time: Demographic surveys from the past

Results of the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society's 25th Anniversary Professional Survey, Merin LM 10/1994 Vol 16:2 p 74

What Does Today's Ophthalmic Photographer Do?, Benetz BA, Bennett TJ, Tomer TL. Fall/2005 Vol 27:2 p. 85

The Imager's Self Image

Larry Mitchell Merin was a rare individual, more talented than most, with a tremendous intellect and a true gift for writing. He was a great communicator: eloquent, persuasive, compelling, and entertaining.  He supported the Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society for many years in multiple capacities, including serving as President from 1996 to 2000, enriching the ophthalmic imaging literature as both assistant editor and contributing author to the Journal of Ophthalmic Photography, and serving on various Boards and committees.  He was a remarkable individual in every way; an example of brilliance, service, and talent all wrapped up in a dynamic, gentle man.  He summed up his own life in this quote from a 1998 OPS newsletter article written while he was OPS President:

“May your lives as well as your images be correctly exposed and sharply focused!”

We invite you to read and enjoy, “The Imager’s Self-Image”

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