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OPS Fellows

The Fellows are a group of OPS members who have been selected by their peers to be recognized for their service to the Society. They are chosen and elected by members of the Fellowship Committee for their dedication and contributions to the OPS and to the field of ophthalmic photography. Any member of the OPS who has maintained active membership for five consecutive years, and has completed ten consecutive years as an ophthalmic imager may be eligible for candidacy and recognition as a Fellowship member.

The committee is comprised of all current Fellows and all past presidents of the OPS:

Lee Allen, 1977 (d)
Earl A. Choromokos, 1977 (d)
Ogden Frazier, 1977 (d)
Johnny Justice, Jr, 1977
Roger Lancaster, 1977 (d)

Yvonne L. Magli, 1977
Mary T. Mannella, 1977
Terrance L. Tomer, 1977
Anna Wiley, 1977
Don Wong, 1977 (d)

Gerald S. Hoover, 1978
Kenneth G. Julian, 1978 (d)
William Ludwick, 1978 (d)
Thomas Van Cader, 1978
Richard A. Lewis, 1979

Jerry Sewell, 1979
Csaba L. Martonyi, 1980
John L. Johnson, 1981
Sadao Kanagami, 1982
Terry George, 1983

Bruce W. Morris, 1983
Albert Aandekerk, 1984
Emery Billings, 1986 (d)
Paul R. Montague, 1986 (d)
George Zondiros, 1986 (d)

Ronald Kacizak, 1987 (d)
R. McKenzie Timby Jr., 1988
Ron H. Harper, 1989
Ditte J. Hess, 1990
Paula F. Morris, 1990


Marlene Fishman, 1991
Mark Maio, 1991
Bruce J. Busse, 1992
Marshall E. Tyler, 1993
Lawrence M. Merin, 1994 (d) 

Jamie Nicholl, 1994 (d)
Patrick J. Saine, 1995
Jeffrey A. Sobel, 1995
Denice A. Barsness, 1996
Sheila K. Smith-Brewer, 1996

William M. Anderson, 1997
Carl A. Kittelson, 1997
Alan Frohlichstein, 1998
Joseph W. Warnicki, 1998
Timothy J. Bennett, 1999

Rhonda L. Curtis, 1999
Rosario Bate, 2000
Elizabeth A. Smith, 2000
Peter B. Hay, 2001
Chris Barry, 2002

Ethan Priel, 2002
Thomas P. Link, 2003
Richard E. Hackel, 2003
William C. Nyberg, 2004 (d)
Paul Paquette, 2004

Robert E. Curtin, 2005
Dennis A. Orlock, 2005
Beth Ann Benetz, 2006
Robert Cavicchi, 2006
Sandra E. Anderson, 2007 (d)

Randall E. Verdick, 2007
Denise Cunningham, 2008
Donald E. Enkerud, 2008
Michael Neider, 2009
Jay A. Rostvold , 2009

Kirsten G. Locke, 2010
Marcela Hickey, 2010

James P. Gilman, 2011
Allen R. Katz, 2011
Michael P. Kelly, 2011

Mark Croswell, 2013
Lydia Dimmer, 2013
Hoang Nguyen, 2013

Laura Savage, 2014
Jonathan Shankle, 2014
Timothy Steffens, 2014

Sarah Moyer Armstrong, 2015
William Fischer, 2015
James Strong, 2015

Libba Affel, 2016
Eric Kegley, 2016

James Soque, 2017

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