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History of Photography/Ophthalmic Imaging Blog


Milestones, Rivalries and Controversy: The Origins of Photography and Ophthalmic Photography

Part I, The Priority Debate

Part II, Stereo Photography

Part III, The First Human Fundus Photograph

Journal of Ophthalmic Photography


Selected articles from the Journal of Ophthalmic Photography related to the history of ophthalmic photography and the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society, Inc.

The History of Ophthalmic Photography

History of Ophthalmic Photography, VanCader TC. 10/1978 Vol 1:1 p.7

The Story Surrounding Fluorescein Angiography, Alvis DL, Julian K. 6/1982 Vol 5:1 p.6

The Beginnings of Indocyanine Green Angiography, Choromokos EA, David NJ, Justice J Jr. 10/1994 Vol 16:2 p.70

The Early Days of Fluorescein Angiography, David NJ, Justice J Jr. 10/1994 Vol 16:2 p.83

Landmarks in the Historical Development of Fluorescein Angiography, Saine PJ. 4/1993 Vol 15:1 p.17

Ophthalmic Photography in the Netherlands: Past and Present, Aandekerk AL. Fall/2001 Vol 23:2 p.85

History of the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society

Inaugural Issue Editorial, Wong D. 10/1978 Vol 1:1 p.2

The Ophthalmic Photographers' Society: A Biographical Sketch, Justice JJ Jr. 10/1978 Vol 1:1 p.5

Interview with Johnny Justice, Jr. , Hackel R. 10/1994 Vol 16:2 p.50

The First 25 Years of the OPS: A Presidential Perspective, Saine PJ. 10/1994 Vol 16:2 p.54

A Brief Historical Review of Certification within the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society, Martonyi CL, Tomer TL, Wong D. 10/1994 Vol 16:2 p.60

A Historical Review of Women in the OPS, Barsness DA. 10/1994 Vol 16:2 p.67

Biographies/OPS Honors

Lee Allen-the Man, the Legend, Wong D, Fishman M. 11/1990 Vol 12:2 p.51

Ogden Frazier's Fundus Photography of Wild Arctic Mammals, Allan EL. 11/1990 Vol 12:2 p.77

The Don Wong Award, Coppinger JM. 6/1991 Vol 13:1 p.18

The Johnny Justice Junior Award, Wong D 12/1992 Vol 14:2 p.63

Don Wong - Pioneer, Innovator, Teacher, Friend, Martonyi CL. 10/1996 Vol 18:2 p.55

A Conversation with Csaba Martonyi: A Photographer for All Seasons, Saine PJ. Spring/2001 Vol 23:1 p.30

Jamie Nicholl: The Complete Photographer, Morris PF. Spring/2004 Vol 26:1 p.8

A Tribute to Terrance L. Tomer, CRA, FOPS – Friend, Volunteer, Mentor, Justice J Jr, Bennett TJ, Morris PF. Fall/2005 Vol 27:2 p.60

Paul R. Montague, FOPS 1947-2011: A Tribute, Barry C. Fall/2011 Vol 34:2 p.58

Larry Merin FOPS, Morris P, Bennett TJ. Spring/2012 Vol 35:1 p.8

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