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JJJ Scholarship

Johnny Justice, Jr.Johnny Justice, Jr. Scholarship

The first Johnny Justice Jr. Scholarship was awarded in 1996 at the 27th Annual Education Program of the Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society. Named in honor of Johnny Justice Jr., the principal founding member of the Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society, the JJJ Award is available to assist in the education of persons actively pursuing careers in ophthalmic photography.

Completed application forms should be mailed to the address below. The following application deadline will apply for 2020: June 22,  2020  for the midyear or annual educational program. Please contact Ryan Imperio at with any questions.

Please send application by email to: Ryan Imperio, CRA, OCT-C

Application Form with instructions

The JJJ Award provides the recipient with a $700.00 cash award for any educational courses approved by the OPS. If the award is to be used for the OPS Annual Education Program, in addition to the $700.00 cash award, the recipient will receive complimentary unlimited lecture package registration, three free workshops and recognition at the annual Awards Presentation prior to the reception.  If the award is to be used for the OPS Midyear Education Program, in addition to the $700.00 cash award, the recipient will receive complimentary two-day registration and will be recognized at the annual Awards Presentation at the Annual Education Program.

The JJJ Award is funded by the Johnny Justice Jr. Scholarship Fund. The fund is supported by contributions and fund raising activities like the raffle held during the Annual Educational Program. The Johnny Justice Jr. Award was created by the Board of Directors of the Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society not only to honor its founder, but also to assist its members in their efforts to gain knowledge and experience in the field of diagnostic imaging.

Comments from JJJSA Recipients:

Adeline Stone, COT, CRA, 2012...

"Being awarded the JJJ Scholarship was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to gain more education and knowledge to becoming a CRA. With the financial support of this scholarship I was able to travel to the OPS Mid-Year Program at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I have met a great group of people at OPS, and also learned more about ophthalmic photography. I have successfully met the goal of the CRA certification, and now I am looking forward to continuing more aspirations in the field of ophthalmic imaging. Thank you for the support and recognition of the JJJ Scholarship OPS!"

Amy Goldstein, 2012...

"Being awarded the Johnny Justice Junior Scholarship Award really opened doors for me into the world of Ophthalmic Photography. I received a tremendous amount of education at the meeting by attending classes and workshops on SD-OCT, Angiography, B-scan, fundus autofluorescence and so much more. The meeting also gave me the opportunity to meet with all kinds of people in the field including beginners like myself all the way through great role models like past and current OPS Presidents Paula Morris and Bob Cavicchi. At the meeting, I became a member of the OPS Professional Development Committee and I now help run the OPS Facebook page. I later joined the OPS Marketing Committee, and just recently was appointed to the new role of OPS News Editor! Without the JJJSA I wouldn't have been able to do all of this! "

Scholarship Recipients

1996 Gary Michalec, CRA, COA
1997 Ellen Burnside, CRA
1998 Ellen Stewart, CRA
2000 Lauren Cedoz, CRA
2001 Joanne M. Pleskovich
2002 Allen Katz, CRA
2003 Karen Conner, CRA
2004 Tracy Utley, CRA
2005 Jennifer Bryskiewicz, CRA, COA
2006 Leslie Bull, CRA, OCT-C
2007 Richard Cornwell, COA, ROUB, CRA, OCT-C
2007 Rona Lyn Esquejo-Leon, CRA
2008 John Head, CRA, OCT-C
2009 Di Vickers
2010 Marriner Skelly, CRA
2010 Martina Groblacher
2011 Mark Bartlett
2011 Dawn Guthrie
2012 Adeline Stone, COT, CRA
2012 Amy Goldstein
2013 Nelya Wiebe
2013 Dina Yang
2014 Brenda K. Walden, COT, COSA
2015 Ryan Imperio, CRA, OCT-C
2016 Kathleen Warren
2017 Nolbertine (Beti) Deleon
2018 Maria Gomez
2018 Heather McLaughlin
2019 Ronald Hall, CRA, OCT-C


The Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society’s
Johnny Justice Jr. Scholarship Award
Guidelines for Potential Applicants

Purpose: To ensure that applicants for the Johnny Justice Jr. Scholarship Award, (JJJSA) understand the types of educational opportunities to which the scholarship may be Applied.

I. Policy Statements

A. Proceeds from the OPS JJJSA are restricted to funding photographic educational programs. Funding is through grants as defined below.

B. Funds from the OPS JJJSA may be used in support of:

1. Ophthalmic photographers attending any photographic courses, workshops or meetings related to ophthalmic imaging.

2. Students enrolled in formal photography programs at recognized institutions of higher learning.

C. The Board of Directors and/or its nominees have absolute discretion and the final decision concerning the approval of funding from the JJJSA.

A. Eligibility:

1. Current (dues paid) members of the Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society, excepting members ofthe JJJSA Committee or of the OPS Board of Directors may apply for the JJJSA.

B. Special Notes on Application Process

1. All applications must be made on the official application form, accompanied by supporting documentation.

2. By signing the application form the applicant gives the JJJSA committee express permission to investigate and verify all submitted information.

3. The candidate must agree to provide the JJJSA Committee with any information it may require to properly evaluate applications for funding.

4. By signing the application form the applicant gives the JJJSA committee permission to hold a video chat interview.

5. The JJJSA recipient must provide the OPS with their social security number for tax purposes.

C. Applications must include the following:

1. The applicant’s current resume

2. A written statement of the applicant’s aspirations within the field of ophthalmic photography and the intended use for the scholarship.

3. A copy of the proposed courses.

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