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Download CRA Recertification Form (PDF)

Download OCT-C Recertification Form (PDF)

The OPS/BOC requires each Certified Retinal Angiographer (CRA) and OCT-C (Optical Coherence Tomographer) to re-certify at three-year intervals by accumulating Continuing Education Credits in the field of Ophthalmic Photography and related curriculum. The purpose of recertification is to enhance continued competence of certificants through continuing education. Approved courses encourage exposure to new approaches and technology in addition to the renewal of basic skills. The Board deems a three-year interval appropriate given the pace of changing advances in Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Photography, the time commitment required to achieve the required CECs, and the availability of programming.

The certificant must provide proof of compliance with recertification requirements before the end of the third year of each interval of certification. Failing to comply results in the revocation of certification. Once revoked, certification can be regained only by fulfilling the current requirements for certification.

Requirements for recertification are:


CRA Recertification Requirements

1. CRA Recertification requires the accrual of fifteen hours of continuing education credits (15 CEC's) during each three-year interval following initial certification. See CRA Recertification Instructions (PDF) for details.

2. CRA Recertification requires the submission of a current certificate or successful online testing in cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association. For questions contact:

3. Payment of the prevailing recertification fee, payable in US dollars to the Board of Certification.

OCT-C Recertification Requirements

1. OCT-C Recertification requires the accrual of eight hours of continuing education credits (8 CEC's) during each three-year interval following initial certification. See OCT-C Recertification Instructions (PDF) for details.  For questions contact

2. Payment of the prevailing recertification fee, payable in US dollars to the Board of Certification.

Responsibility and Verification

It is the responsibility of certificants to keep track of their CEC's and submit their application with supporting documentation verifying course teaching, course or workshop attendance or publication credits. Credits for teaching must be supported by a copy of the printed program reflecting the type and degree of involvement. A certificate of attendance or statement of attendance on official letterhead from the course director of courses or workshops is required. A receipt of courses paid for is not acceptable as evidence of attendance. Credits for publications must be supported by a validation letter from the Chairman, Recertification Section.


Should recertification be denied, the applicant may appeal within thirty (30) days to the Chair of the Recertification Section. Should this appeal be denied, the applicant may further appeal to the Board of Certification for a decision, which will be final and binding.

Recertification Applications and Information

The Chair of the Recertification Section annually notifies, in February, certificants with an expiration date of December 31st of the concurrent year regarding the upcoming recertification deadline.

Recertification instructions and applications are available for download on the OPS web site Recertification Page (above).

Certificants having difficulty completing their requirements or who expect to be unable to meet the December 31st deadline should contact the section chair as soon as possible. He/she may be able to provide assistance or a course of action necessary for completing the requirements.

CRA Recertification Inquires:
OCT-Recertification Inquiries:

Continuing Education Credits for Publications


Application is initiated by requesting a CEC Evaluation Form from the Recertification Section Chair. The completed form and a copy of each publication are submitted for review. The chair will issue a written report validating CEC's for recertification use.

Continuing Education Credits (CEC's) may be earned in the following manner:

OPS Journal Publications: three (3) CEC's per publication.

Textbook Publications: two (2) CEC's per publication.

All other Publications-per case basis: one (1) CEC per publication.

Publication of the same material in different publications will receive credit only once. Credit will be given for the first year of a publication. Challenges to credit evaluations received by the chair will be forwarded to the BOC Executive Committee, which will deliberate the case. The decision of the BOC Executive Committee will be final and binding.

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