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Webinars on Demand
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We are very excited to announce Webinars on Demand!


Over the last 4 years we have collected many Webinar recordings, stashing them away in a vault for future use, (and collecting dust). Up until now!

Going forward, we will be offering these recorded webinars, and more! Right here at the OPS. This is a place to expand knowledge, get credits, and prepare for upcoming OCT-C and CRA exams! There is no limit to how many you can watch!

Part of why we chose to start this program is because we, just like you, are photographers. 8 am-5 pm (sometimes later). We know first hand how difficult it can be to get CEC’s, and how valuable time is. We also know that like us, you CRAVE knowledge. We want to be on top of the game and always expanding our skills! We also know that once we punch that clock, we go home and have other priorities such as family, friends, home, etc.

With Webinars on Demand, you get to choose when to watch, where to watch, how to watch, and what to watch, all at YOUR convenience! Feel like watching a video on ultrasound at 2 am? GO FOR IT!  Insomnia striking and all you can think about is OCT-A? We’ve got it!  Are you preparing for the daunting CRA exam and you need to brush up on your phases of the angiogram? We’ve got you covered!

So what should you expect?

  • We have hours upon hours of videos for you to watch, go check out our library HERE.

  • Once you find a video you like, purchase it.

  • Once purchased, keep a sharp eye out on your email inbox for further instructions and a link to the video.

  • You will have 7 days to finish the video.

  • Once done, you will be directed to take a quiz. A passing score gets you credits! Be sure to sign-in on the OPS website before taking the quiz so the CECs will automatically be 'banked' in your online profile.

  • Find another video to watch!

Going forward we will be adding to the collection and taking from it, so keep a keen eye out for new videos!

We hope you are as excited as we are, and hope you enjoy!


The Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society

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