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Advisor Program

Inquiries and Advisor Program

Want to become a CRA ?

Download a CRA Program Guide (PDF) and check out the CRA Reference Guide.


Want to become an OCT-C?

Download an OCT Program Guide (PDF) and check out our OCT Resources page.


Advisor Program

The Board of Certification developed the advisor program to provide guidance to prospective CRA and OCT-C applicants. Advisors are CRA's or OCT-C's. Each advisor is provided the latest Program Guide for reference and must work within parameters established by the Board of Certification. The advisor can offer the applicant advice and direction.

Who are the advisors?

Advisors are CRA's or OCT-C's who have volunteered to provide personal guidance and encouragement to candidates in an informal atmosphere. Advisors have "first hand” experience with the certification process. They have studied, prepared for and passed the OPS BOC examinations. Each Advisor is provided the latest CRA and/or OCT-C Program Guide(s) for reference and must work within parameters established by the Board of Certification.

What advisors can do?

The needs of candidates are varied and may be unique. The Advisor Program Committee attempts to provide an advisor that is compatible with and convenient to the candidate. The advisor can offer the candidate advice and direction. The candidate may only require a little friendly conversation or referral to specific reading material.

Candidates may ask questions like the following:

I have portfolio questions, I need help with descriptive interpretation, or What is exam day like?

Advisors may have had similar questions or others like them when they were candidates. Their experience gives them an appreciation of the anxiety, frustration and stress in the certification process. With the help of an advisor, candidates can maintain better focus and improve their chances of obtaining certification.

For further information, contact the Advisor Program Chair:




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