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Online Store
Main Storefront

Purchasing organizational merchandise through the online store is easy! You can:

  • view and purchase items through secure credit card transactions.
  • search the online store for a particular item. (If you don't find what you're looking for, please call to inquire.)
  • select item attributes (like size and color, when applicable)
  • designate your order mailing address – home, work or wherever you choose!
CRA Examination Fees include all fees associated with portfolio, performance and written exams.
OCT-C Examination Fees include all fees assocaited with portfolio and testing center written exams.
The Journal of Ophthalmic Photography is published by the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society. Back issues are available
The Endowment Fund Raffle is held at the Annual Education Program to raise funds to support the Johnny Justice Jr Scholarship.
Advertising for career center postings or advertising in the Journal of Ophthalmic Photography
CRA Recertification fees for non-members and members.
OCT-C recertification fee.
Sponsorship for the OPS Midyear Education Program
Sponsorship fees for the OPS Annual Educational Program
Complete and return application, documentation and $30 application fee at least 3 weeks before course date.
The mailing list/email list of the OPS membership is available for lease. Each list is available for one-time use Leasee must specify which list they wish to lease. Leasee must provide a sample of their mailing piece for approval prior to receiving either of the lists. Leasor will provide a lease contract to Leasee prior to receiving either of the lists. Leasor will provide the lists as an excel file to lease.
OPS Merchandise will include mouse pads, calendars and other products with the OPS logo.
Previously recorded webinars for viewing to earn continuing education credits.
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